Will Northampton Town chairman sell the English club to an Indian company?

It’s been announced that Northampton Town, as well as the ongoing redevelopment around Sixfields Stadium, will now be under an unnamed Indian consortium after a Heads of Terms agreement has been made between the said consortium and the club.

The contracts are with the lawyers of the respective parties and are now being worked through.

David Cardoza, the football chairman, said that they had just signed a head of terms agreement with an Indian Consortium to purchase the controlling share in the club.

As of press time, the consortium members’ identities haven’t been disclosed to the public.

Cardoza assured that the club will go to the right people, believing that the takeover will happen within a month.

The consortium are buying both the football club and land around the Sixfields ground.

Cardoza denied the rumors saying that the football club, which finished 12th in League Two last season, isn’t included in the deal and just the land around Sixfields.

“They are definitely people who want to invest in football; otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it. But they are also very interested in the redevelopment of the football club, hotel, conference center and the land,” the chairman added.

It’s been one month since the news popped out but the English Club has not yet disclosed the result of the much-talked buyout between Cordova and the Indian company.


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