Northampton South Conservative Association under investigation

Northampton South Conservative Association has supported the MP has who received thousands of pounds from the developer of Northampton Town FC’s Sixfields Stadium redevelopment for his election fighting fund.

Three members made a donation of 10,000 to the Northampton South Conservative Association between April and June of last year. At that time, Mackintosh was the leader of the council. That was a substantial sum for a local party; at least double any other individual donation in 2014. A donation of 10,000 by Gary Platt, a former director with Grossman, was not declared as it should have been to the Electoral Commission.

Grossman, who was the director of the company that managed Northampton Town’s stadium development project, allegedly made the payment just a month before Northampton City Council approved planning permission for the land adjacent to the Stadium.

Mary Markham, Mackintosh’s successor as the leader of Northampton borough council, decided to make a formal complaint to Northamptonshire police. He has asked the police to investigate the gifts, including the failure to report one of them.

“One of the 10,000 was a genuine clerical error from the office because we were waiting for confirmation (of the payment) from the company of that guy (Mr Platt),” Patel said.

“(The confirmation) came eight weeks after the donation was received, and then we had an office staff who assured me that everything had been declared.”

“I thought everything was done until I started checking everything last week (and noticed the error), but it has been done now.”

Both Cardoza and Grossman have denied wrongdoing. Grossman’s lawyer said: “Our client welcomes news of the [police] investigation as he feels that he will clear his name, following the negative press that he has received in recent weeks which has not been able to publicly defend due to confidentiality provisions.”

“At that time I was assured by David Mackintosh that everything was above board.”


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